Looks Like Rain

Texas weather can be very unpredictable. You've spent countless hours dreaming about your beautiful spring wedding day and you can smell the peonies in the air! Or, you've imagined a crisp fall day where everyone is playing yard games on the lawn of your venue that is nestled in the hills of the country. You've checked the almanac and it says it is traditionally a day with no rain. You start checking your weather app and it says "clear skies". But the day gets closer and then the rain chance goes up. And UP. Uh oh. 


Or, you have zero rain chances all the way up to the day before your wedding and you take one last look at the weather app and all is good. But then Mother Nature fools you. Or either the weatherman is...well...wrong again. It happens...and it happens often. 


There is nothing we can do about changing the weather, but what we can do is embrace it! (And always prepare for Plan B.) I will work closely with you prior to the wedding on all things from time schedule, family to look for, details to capture and your portrait session as newlyweds. And if it means you insist on getting married outside in the rain, then we will be there to photograph you in the rain. We have methods to protect our gear and will not run out on you and miss those moments. 


Because at the end of the day...you're getting married! And a wet knot is hard to untie. 


Enjoy Madison & Dan's gallery from their summer wedding. We endured scorching hot humid temps and a pop up rain shower during the summer...and it was all smiles!