Newly Weds New to Texas

Kathy and Joshua recently relocated to Texas from California for their careers, with Joshua coming before Kathy. I met Joshua at the Hidden Pines Open House early this year and instantly we connected. When I found out that him & Kathy drew our "Giveaway", I was super excited! 


Kathy and Joshua had their ceremony in California on July 17 but decided to have their reception here in Texas and chose us to capture their party, and party it was! As always, Hidden Pines hosted a beautiful event with soft cream table clothes and Lizzie Bee's created their beautiful centerpieces, bouquets and boutonnieres with soft pink and white roses and of my favorite combinations and another delicious cake by Jenny Layne!


Kathy and Joshua visited all of their guests to receive their gifts and toast with their family and friends in traditional Vietnamese dress áo dài, which we will capture a portrait session at a later time in...and I can't wait because they are adorable! 


Congratulations to them both on their new adventure here in Texas!

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