A little bit about me....

Gah, I don't like talking about myself but apparently it helps you get to know me. 

I often say I am the girliest Tom Boy you will ever meet. I'm a Libra so everything has to be balanced. Even with the Skittles that I eat. I am detailed oriented, but not that annoying kind yet I can still be flexible and will roll with the punches because I am also a little ADD. 

I love scooters, grew up on motorcycles (still have one), love being outside, especially during the fall, love Texas and all that it encompasses. I love boots, flip flops, & Chucks. My play list consist of Pink, The Chicks, Post Malone and Willie Nelson. 

I have a young adult son and a teen step son. My husband and I met in high school and were friends but went our separate ways. We reconnected on Facebook in 2010 and been married since 2012. 



(And I don't just say that because I want you as a client.) I genuinely love weddings; they fill my heart with so much joy. I love seeing the details you pulled together, the flowers you selected, meeting the team of friends and family by your side, and the music that I may sway or step too while capturing your guests having fun. 

I will most likely hold back at crying at some point in your wedding. If it's not seeing the groom cry upon his first look at his bride, it will be at a toast or when you dance with your parent.

I love the relationship that goes beyond "client" after we have spent the day together. 

I started taking photos with my mom's "fancy camera" when I was 7 (that's my sister on the shelf in a blanket with a monkey-my first portrait) and always had some kind of point and shoot until I was older and could afford my own "fancy camera". Photography in school was my favorite class and since then, have always been a hobbyist. Also in my teens, I worked as an assistant to a wedding caterer, learning the details to weddings. All of that, along with being an event coordinator in the social realm of my corporate job, weddings as a photographer came very natural and easy when I made the leap out of the corporate world and into being a entrepreneur.


Well, that's me.