Enter a Heading

"What is your photography style?" is a question commonly asked and one for certain anyone perusing social media looking for a wedding photographer certainly asks in their search.

Common terms you will find are: 

  • Light and Airy
  • Dark and Moody
  • Traditional and Classic

What's the difference and why is there a difference? Some photographers will say that another photographer doesn't know how to use flash and that is why their photos are "light and airy". This is not always true. "Light and airy" looks are perfect for spring weddings or anyone who wants a lighter look to their images. The look may be difficult to achieve if the surroundings don't lend to the look as well, but it is accomplishable so this is something you want to keep in mind when selecting your venue. I would suggest not using an industrial venue with exposed duct work and bricks if you are looking for something that compliments your pastel garden wall.

Why you may ask? I mean, aren't all photographers proficient in altering everything in Photoshop? Creating something that doesn't exist? Or pulling something together that is not cohesive?

Yes, we certainly can, but at the end of the day and to deliver an heirloom quality album to perfectly timestamp your wedding day memories, consider your locations and the experience of your photographer.

Timeless and classic are may signature portraiture pieces, but each client is unique in their personalities and vision for the wedding day. This is where I can get creative and personally work with you to deliver that vision. From spring vineyard weddings or a moody Halloween one.

Visit our client galleries to find some unique and personal wedding day captures!